If you’re looking for flooring options for your patio, you might have already discovered that you have quite a number of good choices. However, considering all other things, especially the budget, you might find stamped concrete to be the best choice for your patio. 

Stamped concrete is also referred to as decorative concrete. The usual gray, dull, and boring concrete is transformed to look like pavers, flagstones, and tiles. Doing so allows you to enjoy the same look without paying for so much.  

Installing Stamped Concrete 

When installing stamped concrete, there are a few things that you have to consider a lot of things. Listed below are the options that you have if you decide to make your concrete patio look more appealing using stamped concrete.  

  1. Design

Before you start anything, choose the right design for your concrete patio. There are different patterns available but you may have to double check with a concrete contractor just be sure. Choose the one that suits the area best.  

  1. Color

Once you have the design all figured out, installing the right color comes next. It is possible to tint concrete using mineral oxide or iron-oxide colorants. Your common color choices are earthen red, mint green and electric blue. The concrete contractors will add integral and broadcast coloring to get the effect that you want.  

  1. Installation 

The installation of stamped concrete is not very different from regular concreteYou’ll also have to mix it and pour it over the area as usual. However, there are extra steps that have to be followed, such as applying the release agent, laying mats, and using the stamper to achieve the desired design.  

  1. Drying 

Drying stamped concrete will take at least 24 hours. Let the concrete cure and set before doing anything on it. But since you’ll be adding design and color, 24 hours is all that you have to wait before proceeding to the next steps.  

  1. Finishing

By now, you’re almost done installing stamped concrete for your patio. All you have to do now is to do some pressure washing and apply some sealant. Two thin coatings of sealants are enough to protect the freshly stamped concrete.    

Other Factors to Consider  

Patios are outdoor spaces where you can relax and just enjoy the outdoors and the breeze. When installing a concrete patio, whether it’s just the floor or the entirety of it, knowing all your options and choosing the right one is very crucial. You have a lot of options for flooring alone. There are other things to consider such as the furniture, furnishing, and possibly other outdoor structures to complement the functions of the patio. 

If you need help, simply contact the experts in installing concrete patios. They should be able to help you out by educating you with the things that you need so you can make an informed decision in the end. Trust the experts when it comes to things that you do not know. They are there to serve as your guide.